Success stories

We have been working with this company since last August. We have already had our first release and  we are pleased  with the level of technical expertise demonstrated by Devstack. We are looking forward for new projects and new challenges.We highly recommend Dev Stack for in time delivery and quality software development.



“ Modio started development  services with DevStack  last summer and since that time only the best services provided by both offices: Wroclaw and Lviv.  We have 6 professionals in our team and we continue growing and developing. In spite of remote work the level of service is extremely high, no supervision is required. During this short time we`ve became more than partners, we became a family. Our team is going to create and develop more projects with this great company. Once we have a chance we recommend this company to everyone and we will definitely continue working with them. 

Modio Health


Cabconnect has been using DevStack Lviv development branch services over decade already and really pleased with the service that they provide . For this time our business became much better and Devstack made important contribution. Thanks to Devstack we were able to deliver great service to our customer and to make them happy. Developers are qualified and competent. We always recommend them to our friends and partners.Since November last year we extended our cooperation to Wroclaw development  branch as well and cooperating on larger scale now.